Saturday, 18 January 2014

A bit more optimism

Apologies for the outpouring of self pity the other day. I've perked myself up and accepted that whatever will happen, will happen and there's no point moping about it. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I could be resetting the year, so if I do pass it'll be a pleasant surprise, but if I don't hopefully I won't be too disappointed, although it would suck a lot.

I'm currently working another 15 hour locum shift today. It's been pretty busy up until now so it's nice to have a bit of quiet time. If I do pass the exams, then I've found out that my first proper clinical rotation will be in Orthopaedics and Anaesthetics. We have a 3 week community learning placement and then we go straight into proper rotations. Orthopaedics is probably my most dreaded speciality, probably because I don't have a massive interest in it, and MSK is my worst topic. If I knew that I'd passed exams I could be revising in preparation for it now, but I can't help but think that I'll be jinxing myself if I did now, so I'm refraining. I really wish that I have passed the exam as I'm so looking forwards to the time where I can go into the hospitals instead of lectures. Going back to lectures and group work full time again will be so hard.

As an aside, why do people leave it until 10pm on a Saturday to take action after running out of their prescription? Last Saturday at 10.30pm we had a flurry of people coming from the GP on call centre awaiting faxes of their regular prescription to be sent over. Except that the fax machine was broken, but as the patients all kicked up a fuss about needing their medication tonight, I had to try to contact all the different on call GP's to organise emergency supplies. If their medication is so important, why didn't they order it a week ago when they saw they were nearing the end of their supply, or even ask the Pharmacy to sort it for them on the Friday, or even come in on Saturday day time. Most of the medications were things that the patients took in the morning, so why didn't they take action on the Saturday morning, when we may have been able to get a script from their GP? Why Saturday night at 10.30pm????? It reminds me of when my sister (who's a nurse in A&E) had a patient call up an ambulance on a Friday evening and came into A&E by said ambulance because they'd run out of their regular medication..... Patients drive me crazy sometimes.


  1. Good luck PSD, I really really hope you get the results you want!

  2. I hope everything is ok with you. You were a real inspiration to me during pharmacy school!

    1. Hi! Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I had some time out from this blog so I've only just seen your comment. I've just looked at your blog and realised that we've had very similar paths! Have you started medical school yet? I hope everything's going well for you :)