Life Aims

I’ll update this periodically as I complete aims/ find new aims!

In the next 6 years:
  • Do an elective abroad
  • Complete med school
  • Complete F1/F2 years
  • Have decided on which area of medicine I want to specialise in
  • Apply/ gain a speciality training post
  • Get engaged
  • Improve my fitness and regularly partake in exercise (not something I currently do but I have done in the past and I miss it)
  • Get a Siberian husky
  • Travel to 3 places outside of Europe that I’ve never been to before (I would like this to be more than 3 places, but realistically, with finances and lack of time off I probably won’t be able to achieve more than 3)
  • Own a designer handbag
  • Pass my driving test and get my own car
  • Learn how to bake my own bread
  • Do more painting and paint some pictures good enough to go on my wall
  • Learn how to make my own clothes
  • Complete my “books I should read” list
In the next 10 years:
  • Progress in my career, in whatever speciality I choose, and be on a decent wage
  • Buy a house
  • Get married
  • Have my first child

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