Friday, 7 December 2012

I passed the exam!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

So, I passed the pharmacy pre-registration exam! This now means that I'm a Pharmacist! I was so nervous on the day of the results, and had to read the list of names of people who'd passed before I fully believed that I'd passed! The results day was also my last day at work. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone who'd helped train us and support us over the last year. It's weird knowing that you're probably never going to see most of the people ever again after spending every single day with them for a year. My pre-reg tutor was really nice and gave me this beautiful necklace and bracelet which her Aunt had made as a leaving present, which made the John Lewis gift vouchers I gave her look rubbish in comparison!

Now that I've finished work, I've got a month off before I start med school in September. I can't work as a Pharmacist until I'm fully registered with the Pharmacy board which won't be until the beginning of September, so other than a big to do list (including many forms to send off for med school!) I don't really have anything to do. The most exciting thing I've got to do today is to go out to buy a new toothbrush and mouthwash! I'm enjoying being so free at the moment, but I think that before long I'll get a bit bored. I'm the type of person who doesn't like sitting around, I like keeping busy and being productive! I'll probably try to do some reading before I start med school and do lots of baking.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went flat hunting in the area by the med school where we'll be moving to. After nearly agreeing to rent this one flat which we found out just in time (we were about to put a deposit down on it) from 2 friendly police officers that it was in a horrendous area which they recommended we avoid at all cost, we found this nice little flat in a good area close to the med school. We both really like it, so we're just waiting for our credit check and references to clear before it's guaranteed as ours! Even though I have no reason to think that the credit check or references won't come back ok, I'm still really nervous about it! I feel really bad that I'm uprooting myself and boyfriend from the really nice flat we're in currently to move to a new (not terribly nice) city, where we don't know anyone, so I just hope we do manage to get this nice (cheaper) flat to try to make it more bearable. The only minor problem with the flat is that there's about a 2 week period between when we move out of this flat, before we can move into our new flat, during which we'll have to stay with a friend and I might have to commute nearly 4 hours a day for my first week of med school which will be really inconvenient. My boyfriend should be able transfer his job to somewhere close to where we'll be living, but there's a chance that this might not happen until a while after I start med school, so we might have to live apart for a while which will be horrible.

On a different note, being at home all day is allowing me to watch lots of the Olympics! Before the Olympics I wasn't overly excited for it, but I'm getting pretty into it now! I especially like the gymnastics - I really wish I could do half of what they do! When I was in London the other day I was stood next to someone on the tube who's badge told me they were an athlete from Hong Kong. I have no idea what sport they were competing in, but I was pretty star struck anyway!

I also thought that I'd share the list of things that I'm currently lusting after. I know that I can't afford (and won't be able to for many years) most of the things on this list (unless I win the lottery! ^_^) but there's no harm in looking!:

I need a new bag for when I start uni
~ The Mulberry Bayswater handbag - totally out of my price range, but so pretty and a perfect size for uni!
~ Longchamps Pilage tote bag - more affordable and also a perfect size for uni for carrying work in. I think I've decided I like this colour best (as it will best match the clothes I frequently wear), but for a while I was toying with the idea of the black and the navy blue versions.
~ 13 inch Macbook Air. I need a new laptop (my current one is nearing the end of it's life :( ) and I've fallen in love with this one. I really like Apple laptops as they just work, are reliable and should last me a good few years. I want the Air as I'd be able to take it to uni with me easily, and the 13 inch as I don't want a too small screen.
~ The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, AKA the medical bible! I have a few medical books already, but I think this one's essential. I'm probably going to wait and ask for this for my birthday (in October).
~ Littman stethoscope. Again, a medical student essential! I'm really excited to get a stethoscope - I think I'll feel like a proper med student then! I'm waiting until I start med school before I get one as it's my understanding that they'll give us advice about which is the best make to get. I've been thinking about what colour to get though. I really like the raspberry colour in the picture above, but I'm worried it'll clash with my hair. Hmmmm

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