Friday, 7 December 2012

First post!

[EDIT: I used to have a different blog, but I messed up the login details and as I didn't really like its name or layout, I decided just to start over again. But, I'm just copying all the old posts over to here which is why the date on the top of the post won't match the published date.]

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This is my blog which I've started to document my journey through medical school. I've not actually started med school yet, but after going through the rather stressful application procedure I have now secured myself a place at med school (unconditional, yay!). I won't say which medical school I'm going to to try to maintain some semblance of confidentiality, but I will say that it's a 4 year graduate programme :).

I'm currently working in the NHS, but soon I shall finish my job, move to an alien part of the country and start med school. This is extremely exciting, but at the same time extremely scary. Will I like the university? Will I be able to afford to live? Am I cut out for medicine? Going into a graduate programme I will be with other graduates, all with a variety of experiences, all of whom I'm sure are vastly more brainy than I am. Will I be able to keep up with them and the intense workload?

I'm also going to be leaving all my close friends behind, with only my bf for company. Will I make good new friends at med school? Sometimes I can be shy and a bit of a social klutz, so who would want to befriend me when there will be (I'm sure) such an array of other more talented, good looking, eloquent, and as I've already said, more brainy people on offer! I'm sure to need good med friends to help me get through what is renowned as 4 years of intense, difficult, trying times.

Despite all these worries though, I'm also really really naively excited! Enough to bounce up and down whenever I think about it (if no-one's watching..). I'm excited about learning complex physiology and anatomy, about learning clinical skills, about making prettily coloured flash cards, and about getting a stethoscope and wearing scrubs! I'm already researching online about possibilities for my elective abroad. I'm sure when I start the reality won't be anything like my expectations, but hopefully I'll still love it none the less!

I have to go now as I'm working a late. Oh well, if it's busy at least I've got the thought of med school to get me through! (I'm such a nerd)

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