Monday, 7 January 2013

Exam stresses

I'm really stressing out about my written exams right now. The information isn't that difficult, but I'm just struggling with the amount I need to remember. As soon as I memorise one piece of information, I forget something else which I memorised half an hour earlier. Argh. Why can't I have a photographic memory? I'm pretty cross at myself for not starting proper revision earlier. I'm definitely not going repeat this mistake for my next exams. I'm just trying to remember that these exams are only formative, if I fail them, the worst thing will be the embarrassment, I won't get chucked out of med school.

I always get really stressed during exam season and my health often seems to suffer. I often get colds and migraines before exams, and on several occasions in the past I've come down with bad tonsillitis. These exams are no different. I'm feeling pretty run down at the moment and last night I got a migraine which restricted me to bed in a dark room all yesterday evening, and having one evening's revision taken away from me really didn't help with the exam nerves. Gah. At least they'll be over soon. Good luck to anyone else undertaking exams at the moment!