Wednesday, 11 September 2013


6.15 – Another early start. I didn’t get the best night’s sleep due to my boyfriend waking me up at 4am and telling me that it was time to get up (I think he was still asleep at the time and dreaming), so I wake up in a bit of a grumpy mood.

6.20 – I shower, dress, eat breakfast and pack my bag for the day.

7.10 – I leave the house (late) and have to run for my bus. The bus driver kindly waits for me, which I appreciate as a lot of the time they don’t.

7.50 – I arrive at uni and make a quick cup of Earl Grey tea before the start of my lecture

8.00 – Lecture. Yup, I have a lecture at 8am. Thankfully this only occurs once a week, but we’ve had 8am lectures once a week every term since starting uni. Normally I really enjoy clinical skills lectures, but this week I wish I’d stayed in bed. The lecture’s supposed to be on MSK clinical skills, but the lecturer spent the whole lecture going through case studies of different MSK patients and didn’t actually teach us any MSK clinical skills. This happened last term also, so I still don’t have much idea how to do MSK examinations (eg. how to examine the hip, shoulder, back etc.). I hope our clinical skills tutors cover this in our hospital session next week, otherwise I’ll be clueless if these come up in our OSCEs.

9.00 – I eat the (home-made) brownie I packed for my lunch early to cheer myself up

9.15 – Our next 2 lectures start. This lecture’s on Pharmacology so I find this material pretty straightforward. It’s good revision though as a lot of this information I’ve not had to use since my Pharmacy degree. I use the lecture time to make really good Pharmacology revision notes on the material being covered (cardiology pharmacology).

11.15 – We then have small group work doing questions based on the pharmacology material we’ve just covered.

12.30 – Home time! I get this afternoon off as half the year has their hospital placements on Tuesday afternoons, but as I have mine on Monday morning, I get this time off. I walk to the bus stop and get the bus home.

1.30 – My boyfriend’s off work this afternoon too so we just do a few errands and I get a bit of work done – just writing up notes from last week’s lectures.

4.30 – I get an email from the medical school telling me that the special study module I chose to do (which ran on Thursday mornings) had been cancelled at the last minute (“due to unavoidable circumstances”) and that I’d been reallocated my third choice option of Diagnostic Imaging. I’m disappointed, but learning how to read x-rays and things will be pretty useful. The only thing is that Diagnostic Imaging is run on a Wednesday (tomorrow) morning at the local hospital, so I’m glad I checked my email when I did otherwise I would have missed the first session! I now have to figure out how I’m going to get to the hospital (a 1 and a half hour, 2 bus journey from my house) in time and then back to the med school for afternoon lectures.

6.30 – Have dinner of left over lasagne with salad.

7.00 – Do the washing up and sort things out for tomorrow.

8.00 – I watch the Great British Bake Off and then TheMidwives, both on BBC2.

10.00 – I get ready for bed and then go to sleep!

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  1. 8 AM lectures are the worst!

    I'm also extremely envious of your pharmacy background when it comes to learning pharmacology :P