Saturday, 19 November 2016

Report Writing

I'm currently finishing off writing the report for my research project which we had to undertake as part of our SSC2 block. I'm finding it really hard to motivate myself to do it though. I was quite lucky with my project in that it is a pretty straightforward project, my supervisor is really supportive and helpful, and I'm nearly certainly going to get published from it (which is good as it means an extra point for my F1 application). I could also do it from home (some projects required people to go into the hospital or labs), which has meant I've been able to plan my own time, sit in my office with the cat, and drink tea whenever I want to. So in the majority of ways I've been pretty lucky, but the one downside is that my project is really boring. Like I tell people about it and their response is "oh, that doesn't sound very interesting", and it's not. I'm finding myself longing for the time of learning clinical medicine, and yesterday I even revised knee anatomy as a way of procrastination. This project wasn't my first choice (we had to rank about 30 projects and then we got assigned to one of them), and I'm looking forwards to getting it finished and out of the way. The deadline for handing it in isn't until 5th December, but our allocated time for the project is ending and we're back in lectures/hospital next week (something I'm actually excited about!). I'm aiming to finish my first draft to send to my supervisor for Monday which will then give me time to make changes and submit it in plenty of time. So I really need to get on and finish it!

It's really cold today and there's still frost on the roofs. I've got the heating on and the cat's currently asleep in my office with me, pressed up against the wall below the radiator. She's so so fluffy, so if even she's cold it must be cold! It's not helping with my motivation, instead of sitting in my office I'd much rather be curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea, watching TV or reading a book!

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