Friday, 7 December 2012

Monday, 3 December 2012

I'm in a grumpy mood today due to some personal circumstances I don't really want to go into and a few other factors. The flat's a bit of a mess and I think I've got a migraine starting. Over the past few years I've suffered quite a lot from migraines. A little while ago I started taking daily Propranolol to prevent them which has helped decrease the frequency and intensity of them, but I still seem to get them quite a bit which is really aggravating as when I get a proper one I'm debilitated for the rest of the day, and sometimes the next day too.

I'm currently trying to get my Medicines Use Review (MUR) accreditation which will make getting locum Pharmacist shifts a lot easier. No-one really hires a locum who's not MUR accreditated, hence why I've not done any locuming yet, but I'm so poor that I really need to. Anyway, the MUR accreditation that I'm doing consists of 4 online timed assessments, and today I failed the 3rd assessment for the second time. I wouldn't mind except that it was all clinical questions and I took all the answers directly from the BNF so I don't really know where I'm going wrong. Then they don't bother to tell you which questions you got wrong, or even how many you got wrong, so that you don't know which areas you need to go away and revise for, so passing the exam seems to be as much about luck as knowledge. There are loads of people online complaining about this MUR assessment as well, so it's not just me. The most annoying thing though is that if you fail one assessment you have to wait 6 days until you can sit it again so it's going to take forever before I complete it. Grrrrr. I don't want to get a part time job as I want to be free for locuming which pays nearly 4 times the hourly rate of a minimum wage job, but I'm so poor and have had to borrow money from my sister, so right now with a month off for Christmas I feel really guilty about not currently working. Additionally my bf has moved his job, still working for the same company but just a different location, but he doesn't like it anywhere near as much as where he previously was and seeing him going out to work every morning whilst I get to stay home makes me feel really guilty. When I start locuming we should be fine financially, but until then it's tough, especially with Christmas, which is why I really want to get my MUR accreditation :(.

Anyway, I'll try to write about some more cheerful things. A few of us had a nice end of term Christmas dinner the other day and I still had quite a bit of turkey left over, so today I made turkey vegetable soup which was nice :). I also really want to improve my sewing machine skills and re-learn how to knit and crochet this holiday. I got my sewing machine from my bf last Christmas but other than making a few fancy dress outfits, I've not really used it much. I'd like to learn how to make a patchwork quilt.

We found out the dates for our first OSCE's today. Mine's on January 2nd (scary!). This does mean that by having my exam on the first possible date I have extra days to revise for written exams the following week, but it will mean that I might have to spend New Year's Eve here alone if I can't get my boyfriend to drive me back to uni from home on New Year's Day :(. I think that I'm pretty good at the practical skills we've learnt so far, and I've booked an OSCE revision session with one of the third years this week, so hopefully the exam will go well, but we'll see. These exams after Christmas are the first proper exams of med school, so I really want to do well in them (even though they don't actually count towards anything), just to show that I am cut out to be here and cope with the work. Also, if you don't pass them, although there's no other repercussions, you do have to go before the Academic Progress Group which I really don't want to have to do!

I bought my bf a Lego Star Wars advent calender (the big child that he is) a few days ago, and he loves it, so I'm currently in the good gf books :). This is the first year I've not had an advent calender which makes me feel really grown up and sad. Normally my Mum sends me one in the post, but this year she's either forgotten or decided I'm too old for such things. You can never be too old for advent calenders!
Does anyone real actually read this blog btw? Blogger allows you to see how many people have viewed your page, and from what site they came to your blog from, but from the webpages given, I half think that the only people who view this page are spambots. I don't really need any readers as I'd still enjoy writing posts as a relaxing activity and to declutter my brain, but it'd be nice to know if anyone did read this!


  1. I read your blog ^_^ ! And I'm really enjoying it so far! Keep working hard! I can't wait to one day be studying medicine just like you (hopefully) keeping a journal blog too

  2. Wow I just realised this post was written in 2012! That's super awesome! Aha 3 years later and I'm here reading your blog