Friday, 22 February 2013


So my 8am Friday lecture was cancelled today so I’m sat in the library writing this as my brain’s not yet awake enough to do proper work.

I had a meeting with my personal tutor this week. He very nicely told me that basically if I don’t buck up my ideas I’ll fail the summer exams. I knew this already so it wasn’t an unfair thing for him to say, but it still left me feeling a bit rubbish afterwards.

I’m going to an obstetrics and gynaecology conference tomorrow. The timetable looks really interesting, but it does mean that I have to get up at 7am and won’t get any uni work done for the day so I’ll have to try to fit all my work in on Sunday as well as catching up with house work etc. Recently I’ve been doing Pharmacy shifts on quite a few of the weekends and I went home last weekend to spend some time with the bf’s family, which was really nice, but has meant that I’ve not really been getting much work done at the weekends lately. I am getting quite a lot of work done in the week time, but I think I need to start making my weekends more productive. I calculated that it’s 14 weeks till my written exams. This sounds like a lot of time, but I’m sure it’ll go by really fast.

Before uni I really thought that I might want to become a surgeon (mostly thanks to the TV show Grey’s Anatomy), but since coming to uni I’ve realised that anatomy is the area I least enjoy out of all the subject areas that I have to learn about. I know that anatomy is important but I just find learning reels of names of different things in the body really boring! I much prefer learning about physiology and clinical things.

Has anyone been watching the recent BBC show “Brain Doctors”? I find it really interesting and it’s been well made, still scientific but at a level that lay people will still understand.


  1. I just finished the last brain doctors episode last night - I thought it was a really great series and was a good balance between the life of the patients as well as their surgeons. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. Ha, I wanted to be a surgeon too a few years back. Then after four weeks of the anatomy module in my old degree (which I now know was a piece of cake compared to med school anatomy), I realised I really disliked both anatomy and the rote memorisation which goes with it! My surgical ambitions died shortly thereafter :P

    Have you got any flashcards? They can be pretty can books like Anatomy at a Glance or Crash Course Anatomy - slightly less information overload than Gray's.