Monday, 11 March 2013

Medical student syndrome

Tonight I noticed I had a rash under my chin and on my arms and I'm really achey, so I convinced myself that I had meningitis.

I've since realised that I was being an idiot; the rash is just a boring rash and I'm achey from going to the gym last night. Over the last term I've also thought at various times that I had anaemia, a congenital heart problem (because I sometimes get palpitations), GI cancer, hyper and hypo thyroidism and that I was pregnant. I wonder how many more medical conditions I'll diagnose myself with before the end of med school?

[EDIT] Hah, the day after I wrote this we had a lecture on meningitis!


  1. Haha....experienced this myself too...

  2. We all have that 'student hypochondria' - the rheum diseases (like lupus) and personality disorders are the worst!