Friday, 21 June 2013

Low Expectations

Today is results day. However, I'm not overly nervous as I fully expect my name to be missing from the pass list. I submitted mitigation for the exams a few weeks ago and on Tuesday I had to go for a meeting with a big group of people to discuss the circumstances of my mitigation. I wouldn't have had to attend this meeting if I'd definitely passed my exams, as only people who've failed or are close to the pass mark (as by the time of the meeting the definitive pass mark hadn't yet been set) have to attend. So, purely from the fact that I had to attend this meeting I know that I've probably failed. I may have just scraped a pass but I'm not putting too much hope on that.

The meeting itself wasn't too bad. I fully expected to be grilled and have them rip my mitigation to shreds, but they were actually pretty nice and sympathetic. I submitted mitigation for my chronic migraines. I take medication which helps to decrease how frequently I get migraines, but unfortunately stress is one of the triggers for them and exams and stress go hand in hand. I get stressed because of exams, this causes a migraine which then means that I miss a day's revision which then means I get even more stressed which then causes more migraines, a viscous circle. Consequently I did get several migraines in the run up to, and the night before, exams which I did think probably affected my performance somewhat. The board agreed with this, but did point out that going on from this meeting I should probably actively do something to help decrease how stressed I get. Until the run up to exams I hadn't realised the full extent of stress = migraines, as I hadn't really been stressed so hadn't really got many migraines, but now I agree that I should probably try to do something to decrease my stress levels around exams. The question is, what though? I already try to eat healthily around exams, make sure I get enough sleep and take little breaks when I'm getting stressed. I'm going to see if the study skills department of the uni offer any courses, but other than that, does anyone have any good ideas of any strategies I can try?


  1. Good luck, sadly I have no suggestions for your migraines but I wanted to let you know I have my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Hi

    im afraid i dont have any tips for you but i would like to say please keep posting, i really enjoy reading your blog and i hope you pass :)