Saturday, 7 December 2013

Grumpy revision times

Why have I done this to myself? Lets be a doctor, I said. I'll be fine with extra studying and exams, I said. It doesn't matter that I'll be poor, over-worked and stressed for the foreseeable future, I said.

I could be enjoying my weekend right now: slow lazy mornings, brunch, walks in the crisp winter sun, socialising with friends.... But no, instead I'm stuck inside this never ending revision, panic, stress, exam induced nightmare. What I wouldn't give for a photographic memory.

I was feeling ok about these exams, a lot more prepared than for the summer exams, but now I'm convinced that I know nothing. I learn one obscure word, and out pops a previous one I've learnt. I think I've got one module nailed, but then I look at past exam questions and don't even recognise what it's talking about, let alone know the answer! BAH

I just want to pass these exams and be able to enjoy my Christmas break without re-sits hanging over my head and the holiday being taken up with revision. Is that too much to ask???

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  1. Ditto the above - to infinity.

    Still, everyone feels that way I guess which is comforting in a rather horrible way...doesn't make it any easier though :/