Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Coffee Formula

I have a complicated relationship with coffee. I love it - it's tasty, smells great and has caffeine in it so what's not to love, but it doesn't always love me. I'm pretty caffeine sensitive and I have to be careful otherwise I get palpitations, light headed and an upset stomach. It also lasts a really long time in my system so if I have it past 4pm I have trouble sleeping at night.
Currently I'm in hardcore revision mode for my exams (which are in less than 2 weeks time, argh!) so the extra caffeine really comes in useful. It's a tricky balancing act to get the benefits from the caffeine but without counter acting it by getting side effects, and I think I've finally cracked it! By having one medium strength coffee just after my lunch I prevent the mid-afternoon slump and the caffeine effects mostly last into the evening, but without having too much caffeine and getting ill. I then just top up my caffeine occasionally with the odd cup of tea. This seems to be working so far :)

I'm feeling ok about the exams at the moment, but I am getting the odd period of overwhelming panic and stress. I'm trying not to get too stressed though as that was one of my downfalls in the summer, when I was so stressed that I couldn't concentrate properly on my revision and got loads of migraines. I currently feel a lot more prepared for these exams than I was for the summer exams, but this set of exams is also notoriously harder, so we'll have to see. My boyfriend has bought me a mini christmas tree for my desk to help motivate me to revise whenever I'm lacking concentration, as if I don't pass first time and have to do re-sits after Christmas, I won't be able to celebrate and enjoy Christmas properly!

(Photo taken by me)

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