Saturday, 18 May 2013

Losing My Mind

Ways in which revision ruins your life:
  • Becoming fat. I even have fat feet as I discovered today.
  • Diagnosing randomers in the street with conditions that I’ve been revising about recently (and then becoming really concerned for them in case they do actually have (highly unlikely) whatever it is you think they do, but they don’t know about it and then they might become really ill).
  • Not caring about my physical appearance and living in the same tracksuit bottoms/PJs for a month.
  • Taking half an hour out of revision time to help do the washing up seems like the most unreasonable thing ever and will the sole cause of me failing my exams, but watching an hour of Grand Designs during my “revision break” is fine.
  • Spurting out medical information whenever my boyfriend/the tv/bus adverts/pretty much any outside stimulus mentions anything vaguely medically related and then getting really cross when I can’t remember a key bit of information (eg. specific blood test) about whatever it is I’m shouting about. This then equals a cross boyfriend because trying to remember medicine means that I’m not paying attention to what he’s saying or else I’m talking over the tv programme we’re watching.
  • Becoming unreasonably aggravated and obsessive over the slightest noises disturbing your revision – how dare your neighbour do their washing at 11am on a weekday! How can they not prioritise your learning time over everything else?
  • Developing bi-polar disorder - complete and utter stress one moment about not knowing anything at all and despair at never being able to learn even a third of the never ending pile of revision notes to a lackadaisical attitude towards the whole thing, believing that I’ll be fine, I’ve done lots of revision and I’m sure I’ll have that amazing revision day tomorrow where I’ll manage to revise half of the material for the exam and all of the knowledge will magically fall into my brain…


  1. Hey PSD - been a while since I last messaged you re: interviews for med school. I have some good news - after 3 rejections, my last option came through and I'll be starting the GEM course this September! Very excited to start (so much so that this pre-reg year cannot be over soon enough).

    i'm very grateful to have come across your blog, as your advice has helped me alot during my preparations.

    Wishing you all the best,

    The Chemist :D

  2. Ha, yes that pretty much sums it all up!

    Would also add:

    # Total absence of social life
    # Exam beard (for the guys)
    # Feeling guilty about any spare moment which isn't spent revising

    And so on :(

    Ahh I just hope it will all be worth it!!

  3. Wow, congratulation The Chemist! That's really exciting news :). If you get a chance, let me know how you get on! Good luck with the rest of your pre-reg year and exam. My one bit of advice - if you're planning on locuming during uni, get on with signing up with agencies and doing your MUR accreditation as soon as you can as it can take a while! If you want to email me any questions, feel free to: :)

    Take Up Thy Stethoscope - Being female I don't have the joys of exam beard, but it's funny seeing all my normally cleanly shaved friends with big beards on exam days! Good luck with your revision :)

  4. Thanks! I've subscribed to this blog via an RSS feed so will definetly keep in touch. I'm probably going to have to locum to earn some pocket money, so yeah will have to sort out the MUR accreditation soon. I'll email you about this for some advice if you dont mind?

  5. Yes, feel free to email me :) I'll help you out as much as I can. I'll try to reply ASAP, but if you email me over the next few weeks my reply may be slightly delayed as I'll be in the middle of exams :(!