Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yet more revision

It's a lovely day, neighbours are having bbq's and multiple facebook updates have popped up showing friends out enjoying the sun, and so to at least try to enjoy some of the sun (and to escape my neighbour's dreadful singing) I revised in our back garden for a few hours this morning. It was very enjoyable, and I actually got quite a bit done, but unfortunately, our garden is north facing, so the garden's now totally in the shade, despite only being 3pm :(.

Garden revision (photo taken by me)

I think that I've finally found a way of revising Medicine which works well for me (I wish I could have figured this out sooner, given that it's only 3 days until my first exam, but better late than never right?). It's nothing special, I just type up condensed notes (still 30-50 pages per module....), then print them out and read over them a million times and highlight/memorise off by heart the most important bits. Previously I've tried flash cards, spider diagrams, revising my notes off the computer and other things, but this method seems to be by far the best. I don't know why I can learn far better when my notes are printed out rather than off the computer screen, but that's the way it is! Given that my revision up until recently hasn't been very effective I won't be surprised (I'll still be upset, but not surprised) if I fail the first take of the exams, but hopefully I'll be well prepared for the resists. I'm still going to try my very best to pass the exams on the first try though.

Good luck to everyone else working towards exams at the moment!


  1. Your notes look way more concise and readable than mine :P

    But I'm using the same technique as you worked during the final year of uni so hopefully it'll work for the first year of med school too.

    All the best for the final few days, it will be over soon thankfully1

  2. Good luck in your exams! Reading about your progress in med school has been really inspiring. A the best, and I look forward to reading about your successes :D