Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lots of neuro

As is the constant theme in the run up to exams, my life isn't really consisting of anything interesting outside of revision hell at the moment. I've currently got half an hour left until the FIFTEEN hour locum shift I've worked today is over. The morning/afternoon was pretty busy but this evening's been DEAD (as in, there's been one patient come in, in the last 4 and a half hours...) so I've taken advantage of this and got lots of uni work done. My brain's no longer concentrating though so I thought I'd update this to use up the last of the time until I can go home to bed. I'm looking forwards to bed so much!

This week was the last week of my radiology SSM. Instead of going to shadow people in the radiology department, we just had a short neuro imaging lecture and then we all we had to give a short presentation on "whatever we wanted, as long as it related to radiology" to the rest of the group as part of our final assessment. My presentation was pretty boring  and I'm not great at presentations (nerves cause me to forget how to talk coherently) so I'm not expecting a great mark for that. It doesn't count for much though, we basically just have to pass it. In the neuro lecture the radiologist got out a model skull to show us. I thought it was just a bog standard model of a skull, but NO it was actually a 3D printed skull showing the exact fractures a patient had sustained from a gunshot wound! I didn't even know that was possible!

I've also given in the last of my other bits of coursework for the term, so all I've got to concentrate on now is revision for exams (which are getting very close, very quickly). One of my downfalls last term was the fact that MSK was hard, the lectures were too long and detailed and I couldn't figure out a good way of writing up notes for it, so I just didn't... (a friend has since given me a copy of his very good notes which I am extremely grateful for). Neurology this term could very easily have gone the same way, but I've made a concerted effort to put a lot of time and energy into getting my head around it and making good notes. I'm almost up to date with it all now which I'm very pleased about as it's taken far longer than any of my other modules. Hopefully it'll pay off for the exams.

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