Friday, 8 November 2013

Where's Bernard's watch when you need it?


Apologies again that I haven't updated in a while. Uni is very busy right now, with only 4 weeks-ish until exams. I know they warn you that medicine is a lot of work before you start uni, but I don't think you realise just how intense the course is until you're here doing it!
I'm home again this weekend for another locum shift. Trying to earn enough money whilst having enough time to revise sufficiently is a difficult balancing act.

Theres not that much going on at the moment that's interesting to write about. All we're basically doing at the moment is lectures, group work and lots of revision for exams. My year's all a bit stressed and tense at the moment with the thought of exams. We have lectures up until 2 weeks before  the exams, with OSCEs in the 2 weeks before the exams, so not a lot time to revise. The exams are on everything we've done from day 1 at med school (1 and a half's year's work) and we have a lot of lectures at the moment, so trying to keep up with group work/extra questions and writing up notes for all our current modules whilst also revising everything else is pretty difficult. I wrote up a work/revision timetable the other day and realised that I'm at least a few weeks short of the amount of time I ideally need, but everyone else seems to be in the same boat, and every year the majority of people pass the exam, so it must be possible!

It was my birthday recently which was really nice. My boyfriend went all out in making the weekend special. 4 of my friends surprised me by visiting and staying for the weekend. We went for a meal on the Friday night and on the Saturday we all went to Alton Towers which was really good (despite raining all day). Also, check out the birthday cake that my friend's sister made for me!

(photo taken by me)

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